QL2 Software and Traction Software announced a joint development partnership that makes data extracted from the deep web by QL2 Software’s data extraction platform, WebQL, available to users of Traction’s TeamPage enterprise weblog solution. WebQL seamlessly gathers difficult to reach unstructured data from online sources and integrates it into TeamPage’s collaborative, secure blog workspaces. WebQL can monitor even password protected newswires, trade journals, websites and blogs. WebQL takes data extraction a step further by monitoring clinical trial, adverse events, legislation, pricing and other databases. WebQL watches web sites for page changes and reports the differences. WebQL may execute hundreds or thousands of queries in a given day, and provide only those results that match specified requirements. WebQL may run standing queries on a regular basis, or do one-off form driven queries launched directly from the Traction interface. When WebQL finds a relevant content match or page change, it extracts and publishes the relevant information to Traction TeamPage with appropriate category tags from any of the project blogs. Traction’s interface delivers the content securely through a date driven newspaper style front page and project news pages, an automated newsletter, and a dynamic RSS feed. Users can query Traction to view any cross-section of topics of interest. For more information visit Traction at their booth at Gilbane San Francisco this week.http://www.ql2.com, http://www.tractionsoftware.com