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Day: March 27, 2006

Gilbane Report Launches Publishing Strategy & Technology Consulting Practice; Announces VP & GM; Signs Up Partners

The Gilbane Report announced a new consulting practice focused on the needs of both commercial and enterprise publishing professionals. Software and publishing industry veteran Steve Paxhia has joined Gilbane to head the new practice as Vice President & General Manager. Gilbane has assembled a team of industry leading thinkers and doers who have many years experience in deploying technology to create profits. Questions they can help you answer include: 1. Where could publishing technology have the greatest impact on our organization’s profits? 2. Should our organization incorporate new technologies like wikis and blogs into our processes and product offerings? 3. What are the best practices for developing products to be published in multiple media formats? 4. How can our organization develop new electronic products derived from our existing content? 5. How can we efficiently produce and manage customized versions of our products? 6. Are our current technology platform and vendors the most cost effective? 7. What are the best technology choices for the new project that we are starting? The Gilbane team’s expertise ranges from very strategic to cutting edge technical. While technology projects and decisions can often be complex, The Gilbane team’s goal is to help our clients clarify the key success factors and then empower their organizations to make the best decisions. Members of the Gilbane team include: Steve Paxhia, Vice President & General Manager, Publishing Strategy & Technology Consulting Practice; Mary Laplante, Vice President Consulting Services; Bill Trippe, Senior Consultant; and Leonor Ciarlone, Senior Consultant. In addition to our own team we have partnered with noted publishing industry experts: Bill Rosenblatt, President, GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies; Gene Gable, President, Gene Gable Industries; Thad McIlroy, President, Arcadia House; and Dale Waldt, President aXtive Minds. Meet this powerful team of experts at Gilbane San Francisco, in the Automated Publishing Track of the Content Technology conference or in the Enterprise Digital Rights Management conference. ,,

Clay Tablet Technologies Partners With Language Weaver

Clay Tablet Technologies has integrated its products with the automated translation technologies of Language Weaver. The two companies have formed a strategic product integration alliance and are now jointly pursuing opportunities together. Clay Tablet’s Rosetta Gateway, Web Content Management System (WCMS) and Trans-Port corporate translation portal products allow customers to quickly send documents, or portions of documents, to translation. When translated content returns, it’s automatically inserted back where it belongs on a company’s web site, fileservers, databases or other repositories. Traditionally, Clay Tablet’s systems have integrated with translation service providers and the tools they use. Now, Clay Tablet’s systems can also integrate directly with Language Weaver’s statistical machine translation software, or SMTS. Language Weaver’s SMTS “learns” language translations by identifying patterns and relationships within previously translated or parallel texts. Language Weaver uses statistical algorithms to align the text and assess the correlation of words and phrases. ,

Scientigo Unveils

Scientigo, Inc. (OTCBB:SCNG) formally unveiled, a new search engine that aims to get consumers quickly to more targeted results. Operated by the Company’s subsidiary, Tigo Search, Inc.,’s Website uses “Topification” technology to help people stop searching and start FINDing. Enter a search term and FIND.COM returns a short list of topics. By selecting a topic, a user can readily FIND what he/she is looking for within the results. These topics are drawn from a massive semantic database, not just terms extracted from a limited set of documents. FIND.COM performs an instantaneous linguistic analysis on your search terms. By interpreting the intent of the term(s) and injecting related terminology, presents a specific set of appropriate topics based on relevancy and subject coverage.,

CM4all Opens US Office in Boston

CM4all, a Web content management software developer based in Cologne, Germany, announced that it has opened a U.S. office in Boston, Mass. to extend its sales reach beyond Europe and Asia Pacific. The company’s online Web site building software, Website Creator is offered through Web hosting companies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and broadband providers, CM4all’s software enables users to create, design, and maintain Web sites for personal and business purposes, with simple to use templates and wizards. CM4all’s core product is the homepage tool kit WebsiteCreator. With a large number of online features available to customize users’ Web sites – including over 300 design templates and a platform for integrating Web services – CM4all WebsiteCreator enables business and individuals to easily create functional and professional-looking Web sites. When creating their Web sites, users can choose from a multitude of predefined templates and texts. Various Flash intros and tools – such as visitor counters, guest books, maps, and news tickers – also enhance the professional appearance. A seven-step design wizard leads users through the process to further ensure that the Web site building process is simple for the end user. Integrated password protection is available for those who want to restrict access to their Web site. A fully licensed and free multimedia archive that includes images, sounds, flash animations and games supports the website owner in creating attractive web content.

Accenture Launches Center for Oracle Solutions Including Content Management

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has launched the Center Of Excellence For Oracle Solutions in Bangalore, India, to develop a portfolio of assets including tools, accelerators, and diagnostics for Oracle’s application software. The new center is designed to enable faster and more cost-effective implementation of Oracle’s solutions for Accenture’s clients globally. Professionals in the new Center of Excellence will leverage service-oriented architectures to design and build solutions based on Oracle’s latest technologies, including the Oracle Applications Framework for self-service Web applications. The Center of Excellence will also develop solutions based on Oracle’s Fusion middleware, which is a portfolio of standards-based software products including J2EE and developer tools, as well as integration, business intelligence, collaboration and content management services.

Stellent Launches Universal Records Management

Stellent, Inc. (Nasdaq:STEL) announced the launch of Stellent Universal Records Management, a new application built on a distributed architecture that enables companies to apply records and retention policies in a consistent, legally defensible way across the enterprise. Stellent Universal Records Management allows organizations to define, manage and execute records and retention management policies for all enterprise content from a single application. The system is a complete, Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2- and 4-compliant records management application that performs both electronic and physical records management. In addition to managing the records customers choose to store in its built-in repository, Stellent Universal Records Management uses an agent architecture to enforce records management and retention policies and schedules in applications and repositories throughout an organization. This “in-place” functionality enables companies to leave content in its native location rather than moving it to a central repository for records and retention management; apply rules directly to content where it resides; and manage the disposition of all content, not merely the content explicitly declared as records. Agents also send information back to the Stellent server, enabling it to maintain an up-to-date catalog of all critical enterprise content. This server also facilitates legal discovery activities and applies litigation holds to relevant content. The company also is partnering with solution providers to develop agents that apply records and retention management policies and litigation holds to content residing within their applications. The individual applications will continue to perform their functions but will do so in ways consistent with enterprise policies. The first such agents Stellent will release are for Symantec Enterprise Vault and Microsoft SharePoint Server, as well as Windows, Unix and Linux file servers. The Stellent Universal Records Management base application is priced at $100,000 USD. Agents for in-place management range from $10,000 to $50,000.

DITA and DocBook

Sarah O’Keefe from Scriptorium noted and commented on a great discussion of DITA and DocBook by Norm Walsh, the guru of DocBook. Norm was a featured speaker at last week’s DITA 2006 conference. Norm’s discussion is readable and lucid, and if you have been wondering about this question for a while, Norm’s post is required reading.

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