The Gilbane Report announced a new consulting practice focused on the needs of both commercial and enterprise publishing professionals. Software and publishing industry veteran Steve Paxhia has joined Gilbane to head the new practice as Vice President & General Manager. Gilbane has assembled a team of industry leading thinkers and doers who have many years experience in deploying technology to create profits. Questions they can help you answer include: 1. Where could publishing technology have the greatest impact on our organization’s profits? 2. Should our organization incorporate new technologies like wikis and blogs into our processes and product offerings? 3. What are the best practices for developing products to be published in multiple media formats? 4. How can our organization develop new electronic products derived from our existing content? 5. How can we efficiently produce and manage customized versions of our products? 6. Are our current technology platform and vendors the most cost effective? 7. What are the best technology choices for the new project that we are starting? The Gilbane team’s expertise ranges from very strategic to cutting edge technical. While technology projects and decisions can often be complex, The Gilbane team’s goal is to help our clients clarify the key success factors and then empower their organizations to make the best decisions. Members of the Gilbane team include: Steve Paxhia, Vice President & General Manager, Publishing Strategy & Technology Consulting Practice; Mary Laplante, Vice President Consulting Services; Bill Trippe, Senior Consultant; and Leonor Ciarlone, Senior Consultant. In addition to our own team we have partnered with noted publishing industry experts: Bill Rosenblatt, President, GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies; Gene Gable, President, Gene Gable Industries; Thad McIlroy, President, Arcadia House; and Dale Waldt, President aXtive Minds. Meet this powerful team of experts at Gilbane San Francisco, in the Automated Publishing Track of the Content Technology conference or in the Enterprise Digital Rights Management conference. ,,