Stellent, Inc. (Nasdaq:STEL) announced the launch of Stellent Universal Records Management, a new application built on a distributed architecture that enables companies to apply records and retention policies in a consistent, legally defensible way across the enterprise. Stellent Universal Records Management allows organizations to define, manage and execute records and retention management policies for all enterprise content from a single application. The system is a complete, Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2- and 4-compliant records management application that performs both electronic and physical records management. In addition to managing the records customers choose to store in its built-in repository, Stellent Universal Records Management uses an agent architecture to enforce records management and retention policies and schedules in applications and repositories throughout an organization. This “in-place” functionality enables companies to leave content in its native location rather than moving it to a central repository for records and retention management; apply rules directly to content where it resides; and manage the disposition of all content, not merely the content explicitly declared as records. Agents also send information back to the Stellent server, enabling it to maintain an up-to-date catalog of all critical enterprise content. This server also facilitates legal discovery activities and applies litigation holds to relevant content. The company also is partnering with solution providers to develop agents that apply records and retention management policies and litigation holds to content residing within their applications. The individual applications will continue to perform their functions but will do so in ways consistent with enterprise policies. The first such agents Stellent will release are for Symantec Enterprise Vault and Microsoft SharePoint Server, as well as Windows, Unix and Linux file servers. The Stellent Universal Records Management base application is priced at $100,000 USD. Agents for in-place management range from $10,000 to $50,000.