Clay Tablet Technologies has integrated its products with the automated translation technologies of Language Weaver. The two companies have formed a strategic product integration alliance and are now jointly pursuing opportunities together. Clay Tablet’s Rosetta Gateway, Web Content Management System (WCMS) and Trans-Port corporate translation portal products allow customers to quickly send documents, or portions of documents, to translation. When translated content returns, it’s automatically inserted back where it belongs on a company’s web site, fileservers, databases or other repositories. Traditionally, Clay Tablet’s systems have integrated with translation service providers and the tools they use. Now, Clay Tablet’s systems can also integrate directly with Language Weaver’s statistical machine translation software, or SMTS. Language Weaver’s SMTS “learns” language translations by identifying patterns and relationships within previously translated or parallel texts. Language Weaver uses statistical algorithms to align the text and assess the correlation of words and phrases. ,