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Whither InfoPath?

Microsoft’s InfoPath was announced with great fanfare in October 2003 as part of the Office 2003 release. Microsoft then included some enhancements to InfoPath in a Service Pack release (SP1) of Office, which was distributed in June 2004. Since then, there has been little news about InfoPath. The InfoPath team blog at the Microsoft Developer Network went quiet in early 2005, with its last post in November of 2005, which was an announcement of an InfoPath 2003 Toolkit for Visual Studio 2005. There is a newish InfoPath tips-and-tricks blog by Microsoft blogger Tim Pash, but other than that, Microsoft has been very quiet about InfoPath. Does this suggest a reduced commitment by Microsoft?

UPDATE: As you can see from the comments, Microsoft appears to be plenty busy with InfoPath. See also this post from Eric Richards, who is a development lead on Microsoft Office.


  1. MitulK

    Not at all. The commitment to InfoPath is not reduced at all. Au contraire, we’re working on really awesome things for the next version of InfoPath. You can check out our VP, Steven Sinofsky’s presentation at PDC 2005 for more details –
    The current lull in traffic on our team blog site is due to us being hard at work on the coming release of InfoPath.
    Mitul (InfoPath dev).

  2. MitulK

    In continuation of my previous post, here is a link to Channel 9’s first look at the coming release of InfoPath – It contains a bunch of links as well.
    Mitul (InfoPath dev)

  3. David

    InfoJet Service, a product like InfoPath Form Services, , it supports JScript, VBScript and Managed Code in InfoPath Forms!

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