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The Reality of Web 2.0: OReilly Medias SafariU Leads by Example

Hopefully you got to hear Mary and Bill on today’s radio show. Next up is Leonor, who will join O’Reilly’s C.J. Rayhill in a webinar next Wednesday, February 15 at 2:00pm EST to talk about how O’Reilly Media expanded into the textbook publishing market by creating a custom publishing platform that enables educators to produce more targeted and less expensive teaching materials using MarkLogic Server.
See more details or Register today.
Also see Mark Logic CEO Dave Kellogg’s blog post.
UPDATE: Forgot to mention you can read Leonor’s case study!

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    Tuning in to Web 2.0: The SafariU Channel

    Hopefully some of you tuned in to our webinar yesterday and have had a chance to read the companion whitepaper….

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