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CambridgeDocs Announces xDoc Converter Version 2.0

CambridgeDocs announced the 2.0 release and general availability of the xDoc Converter family of applications, including both the desktop and server versions of the product. The xDoc Converter family lets organizations increase the value of their existing content by transforming and repurposing the most popular document formats into XML, thereby enabling integration into database systems and leveraging of flexible XML publishing practices. The desktop version of the xDoc Converter gives end-users an interface for mapping documents into DITA, Docbook or any other XML format, while the server version enables powerful and precise XML publishing for repurposing existing content in J2EE server environments. Release 2.0 features include: More Powerful and Easier-to-Use Visual Mapping of Unstructured Content to XML; Integrated Document Views of Source Content for Visual Rule Creation; Input Rule Creation Wizards that Simplify the Conversion Process; XSD and DTD Import Functionality; DITA and DocBook Conversion Toolkits; Microsoft.doc to PDF publishing for any Java environment; Pure Java Microsoft Word Driver; Pure Java PDF Driver; New FrameMaker MIF Driver; and an Enhanced RTF Publishing Engine.

Blast Radius Introduces New XML Authoring Solutions for EMC Documentum

Blast Radius announced the release of new XML authoring solutions for Documentum Webtop. These XMetaL products integrate seamlessly with Documentum version 5.2.5 and the 5.3 platform released by EMC Documentum earlier this year. With this release, Blast Radius introduces two new products, which extend XMetaL existing support of the Documentum Desktop Client: XMetaL Author Documentum Webtop Edition, a native XML authoring application that gives full-time content creators a solution tightly integrated with the Documentum repository through Documentum Webtop, and XMetaL Express for Documentum Webtop, an embeddable version of XMetaL, used from within the Documentum Webtop interface. This solution is an option for large enterprises that want to extend XML authoring capabilities to occasional authors such as subject matter experts. XMetaL support for Documentum Webtop is available immediately. Contact Blast Radius for pricing and additional information.

FUSA Capital Announces New Release of SearchForMedia Video Portal Server

FUSA Capital Corporation (OTCBB:FSAC), provider of Internet-based video and audio search engine solutions for digital content providers, announced the most recent release of their SearchForMedia Video Portal Server application software and hosted services. SearchForMedia Video Portal Server is a software suite and service that provides customers with a turnkey media search engine and portal solution. Customers can deploy and manage the software solution in-house or use any or all of SearchForMedia’s design, content, advertising or hosted services. The SearchForMedia Video Portal Server and Services also provide customers with a content management system. The advertising system allows customers to monetize their content through traditional paid placements, feature zones and one-click buy programs. The latest release of SeachForMedia Video Portal Server is supported on Windows 2000, Windows NT and Linux.

PTC Releases Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 9.0

PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC) announced that Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 9.0 (formerly known as Advent 3B2) is now available. Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher is an automated publishing engine that produces professional, high-quality print and PDF documents with complex layout requirements. Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher has helped customers with technical documentation, financial reports, scientific/technical/medical (STM) journals, legislation and amendments, marketing brochures, telephone directories and product catalogs. Available in both server and desktop variants, Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher enables interactive touch-up of the automated result so that users retain control of the appearance of every page. Rapid, high-volume automation of the traditionally labor-intensive composition process is a key aim of the product. Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 9.0 is now available.

SDL Announces Interoperability Versions of SDL TRADOS 7.1 & SDLX 2005.1

SDL International announced the first interoperability versions of its Translation Memory products, SDL TRADOS 7.1 and SDLX 2005.1. These new releases come five months after the acquisition of TRADOS, Inc. Leading the list of interoperability features is support for SDLX’s native ITD Translation Format in SDL TRADOS 7.1. This allows for connectivity to and integration with SDL Translation Management System. SDLX 2005.1 users also get improved support for SDL TRADOS TTX files and both products have been enhanced to improve translation memory exchange using the TMX format. The interoperability releases also include new ways for creating, cleansing and maintaining translation memories and termbases. With the integration of SDL MultiTerm into SDLX 2005.1, all users can work from the same centralized termbase and SDLX 2005.1 users can search terms via fuzzy-matching. SDL TRADOS 7.1 users now benefit from automated terminology checks, which ensure correct terminology usage in source and translated material, and the ability to add comments against a TM segment. SDL TRADOS 7.1 also inherits new file support, including InDesign CS2, Quark Express for Mac, Java Properties and Generic Delimited Text files. SDLX 2005.1 users get new file filters that include SDL TRADOS Word filter, InDesign CS2 and support for .NET formats. Both SDL TRADOS 7.1 and SDLX 2005.1 are available free, for a limited time period, to any customer who purchased a license of SDL TRADOS 7 or SDLX 2005.

Six Apart & Yahoo! Integrate to Provide Blogging Solution

Six Apart Announced that Yahoo! Web Hosting now offers Movable Type Blogging Software so businesses and independent professionals who want to make use of weblogs to communicate to a wider audience, without the hassle of managing them, can now take advantage of Yahoo!’s Web Hosting product. Six Apart has optimized its Movable Type software specifically for Yahoo’s hosting environment. Features include: Support for publishing and managing a virtually unlimited number of blogs; 200 GB data transfer per month, with 5GB of disk space for posts and graphics; 99.9% number and hot failover capability; 24 hour toll-free customer support; 200 email addresses that match the business’s domain; Each account is protected by SpamGuard Plus, Norton AntiVirus, and other features to reduce comment spam; and the use of FastCGI to make the Movable Type experience on Yahoo! Web hosting services the fast. The service is available immediately upon purchase of a Yahoo! Web Hosting package at starting at $11.95 per month.

Intellext Releases Free Version of Watson Personal Search Assistant

Intellext announced a free version of Watson. To Watson, the search box becomes a middle man between you and the information you need. The tool understands the context of what a computer user is working on and actively finds relevant search results from Web search engines, desktop search applications, news sites and more. The free version is designed to give consumers a complete experience, connecting them with the information they need most, from a shopping comparison feature, to the web, news and blogs. Watson Professional, the licensed version of the product, remains available for business users who want to take the product’s capabilities to the next level, customizing and integrating Watson to search their subscription sources and enterprise information systems. In both the free Watson and the licensed Watson Professional, user privacy is respected. Intellext does not receive information about what the user is looking at, and does not track the links clicked, or the pages viewed. So, personal information never leaves the user’s computer and privacy is protected.

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