Six Apart Announced that Yahoo! Web Hosting now offers Movable Type Blogging Software so businesses and independent professionals who want to make use of weblogs to communicate to a wider audience, without the hassle of managing them, can now take advantage of Yahoo!’s Web Hosting product. Six Apart has optimized its Movable Type software specifically for Yahoo’s hosting environment. Features include: Support for publishing and managing a virtually unlimited number of blogs; 200 GB data transfer per month, with 5GB of disk space for posts and graphics; 99.9% number and hot failover capability; 24 hour toll-free customer support; 200 email addresses that match the business’s domain; Each account is protected by SpamGuard Plus, Norton AntiVirus, and other features to reduce comment spam; and the use of FastCGI to make the Movable Type experience on Yahoo! Web hosting services the fast. The service is available immediately upon purchase of a Yahoo! Web Hosting package at starting at $11.95 per month.