CambridgeDocs announced the 2.0 release and general availability of the xDoc Converter family of applications, including both the desktop and server versions of the product. The xDoc Converter family lets organizations increase the value of their existing content by transforming and repurposing the most popular document formats into XML, thereby enabling integration into database systems and leveraging of flexible XML publishing practices. The desktop version of the xDoc Converter gives end-users an interface for mapping documents into DITA, Docbook or any other XML format, while the server version enables powerful and precise XML publishing for repurposing existing content in J2EE server environments. Release 2.0 features include: More Powerful and Easier-to-Use Visual Mapping of Unstructured Content to XML; Integrated Document Views of Source Content for Visual Rule Creation; Input Rule Creation Wizards that Simplify the Conversion Process; XSD and DTD Import Functionality; DITA and DocBook Conversion Toolkits; Microsoft.doc to PDF publishing for any Java environment; Pure Java Microsoft Word Driver; Pure Java PDF Driver; New FrameMaker MIF Driver; and an Enhanced RTF Publishing Engine.