Blast Radius announced the release of new XML authoring solutions for Documentum Webtop. These XMetaL products integrate seamlessly with Documentum version 5.2.5 and the 5.3 platform released by EMC Documentum earlier this year. With this release, Blast Radius introduces two new products, which extend XMetaL existing support of the Documentum Desktop Client: XMetaL Author Documentum Webtop Edition, a native XML authoring application that gives full-time content creators a solution tightly integrated with the Documentum repository through Documentum Webtop, and XMetaL Express for Documentum Webtop, an embeddable version of XMetaL, used from within the Documentum Webtop interface. This solution is an option for large enterprises that want to extend XML authoring capabilities to occasional authors such as subject matter experts. XMetaL support for Documentum Webtop is available immediately. Contact Blast Radius for pricing and additional information.