Alfresco, Inc. announced that JBoss, Inc. has certified the Alfresco content management system on the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System. The certification, which follows testing of the Alfresco system by JBoss, assures customers using Alfresco to develop portals of tight interoperability with JBoss Portal 2.0, a component of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System. Developers can use the Alfresco and JBoss open source products together to develop, at zero licensing cost, enterprise-class portals. Alfresco’s open source system is a content repository with meta-data and dictionary support, full-text indexing and retrieval, rules-based processing and collaboration capabilities. Its user interface includes a portal framework based on JSR-168 portlets and JSR-127 JavaServer Faces. The Alfresco system’s architecture uses aspect-oriented programming to allow developers to use only the functionality they require and scale the content management system as needed.