Pageflex (NASDAQ: BITS) introduced Pageflex Persona Cross Media Suite, a completely new desktop software application enabling targeted and personalized content in both print and email. The product incorporates variable data and cross-media functionality from Pageflex into a desktop application. The core technology features an XML composition engine, designed specifically for variable data, and “flex” technology that automatically resizes items on a page based on the amount of custom content added. Among the features are cross-media capabilities for creating coordinated print and email campaigns, variable-length document capability, flexible layouts, and the ability to compose text in more than 60 languages, including Japanese and Chinese. These features enable users to produce database-driven, one-to-one business collateral materials and other personalized documents including direct-mail postcards and mailers, coupons, business cards, event-related collateral, marketing materials, travel itineraries, personalized booklets and many more. As a design application, the package includes Pageflex Studio, which has a drag and drop interface and graphic design tools including standard layout, typography, image and color controls. It also includes a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and a QuarkXTension enabling users to convert InDesign and QuarkXPress documents into the Pageflex XML format.