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Elcom & IMPAQ Partner for Hosted Supplier Enablement Solution

Elcom International, Inc. announced a partnership agreement with IMPAQ Business Solutions Ltd. IMPAQ’s newly released hosted HxDE Supplier Enablement System (“SEP”) provides electronic catalog management and XML transaction processing support for purchase orders and invoices. The HxDE suite of XML-based solutions enable the electronic transfer of business-critical documents between Elcom’s eProcurement and eMarketplace systems and suppliers who access IMPAQ’s supplier portal. The IMPAQ HxDE SEP automates the handling of purchase orders, PO acknowledgements, invoicing, remittances and transmission of supplier electronic catalogs. To simplify deployment, HxDE is remotely-hosted by Elcom. The HxDE SEP is specifically targeted at all suppliers who want to participate in eCommerce with their customers but who lack the IT infrastructure to do so cost effectively.,

Stellent Releases Universal Content Management 7.5

Stellent, Inc. announced the release of Stellent Universal Content Management 7.5. Stellent’s new metadata management model allows users to view metadata fields in context. In other words, users only see metadata applicable to them at a certain point in time. For example, rather than only controlling metadata fields based on document type, Stellent now offers the ability to control metadata based on user roles, document status and a variety of other criteria. With version 7.5, Stellent folders automatically appear on the email client without client software, and Stellent users can now drag and drop email messages and attachments directly from their email system into Stellent Content Server. Version 7.5’s new digital asset management (DAM) capabilities make it easier for organizations to utilize images and videos. For example, version 7.5 automatically converts image files from a single source into a variety of formats, such as GIF and TIF files. This process optimizes images for various types of consumption, such as PowerPoint presentations and Web sites, while managing all of the renditions as a single object. Universal Content Management 7.5 also offers similar conversion capabilities for video files. In version 7.5, Stellent Desktop Integration provides a common interface for users desiring richer functionality than that exposed in Web interfaces, WebDAV or email server integrations. Stellent Universal Content Management version 7.5 is available today.

Trusted Edge & Open Text to Deliver Automated Records & Retention Management Solutions

Trusted Edge, Inc. and Open Text Corporation said they will partner to deliver software solutions that extend records and retention management capabilities beyond central document repositories, capture content saved on desktops or shared network drives, and dispose of expired information wherever it exists. The solutions will simplify and automate the retention and disposal of documents across the enterprise, so that companies can improve compliance, reduce litigation exposure and enhance knowledge management. The companies will initially target customers in financial services, healthcare and the public sector, and plan to start introducing solutions in the second quarter of 2005. The targeted solutions will monitor previously unmanaged content for compliance and allow quick access to files for discovery purposes. The solutions will extend the retention process to the desktop, enabling complete lifecycle management and offering true digital disposal of information.,

Stellent Releases Version 7.5 of Its Sarbanes-Oxley Solution

Stellent, Inc. announced the release of version 7.5 of the Stellent Sarbanes-Oxley Solution, a product designed to help companies streamline their processes for complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The new features and functionality in version 7.5 are enhancements developed to speed implementations, increase ease-of-use and augment reporting capabilities. The enhancements also were shaped in conjunction with input from Protiviti Inc., an internal audit and business and technology risk consulting firm, with whom Stellent holds a strategic integration and consulting agreement. Stellent provides content management-based solutions to help companies streamline processes related to complying with a variety of regulations, such as the Patriot Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ISO, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Stellent’s compliance solutions allow companies to manage and approve content related to financial and non-financial disclosures, as well as documentation associated with an organization’s enterprise risk management process. The solutions are based on Stellent Universal Content Management system, which offers document management, Web content management, digital asset management and imaging, supported by collaboration, records management and business process management services. Stellent Sarbanes-Oxley Solution 7.5 is available today.

eCopy & Interwoven Announce Integration

eCopy and Interwoven announced the integration of eCopy ShareScan OP (Open Platform) software with the Interwoven WorkSite collaborative document management solution. The integrated solution allows customers using Canon MEAP capable imageRUNNER devices to add paper-based information that may be otherwise left out of the electronic business workflow. The eCopy Connector for Interwoven WorkSite provides full function integration between eCopy ShareScan OP, Interwoven WorkSite, and Canon MEAP (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform) digital copiers. eCopy Connectors directly link eCopy software to enterprise applications, such as document management, e-mail, and fax. The eCopy Connector for Interwoven Worksite is available for both eCopy ShareScan and eCopy ShareScan OP. eCopy ShareScan operates on a touch panel and PC attached to a Canon imageRUNNER device or scanner. ShareScan OP is embedded within a MEAP enabled imageRUNNER device. The suggested retail price for either Connector is $1,495.,

Deepfile Changes Name to StoredIQ & Launches StoredIQ 3.0 Content-driven Compliance Platform

StoredIQ Inc. (formerly Deepfile Corporation), a provider of content-driven compliance and security solutions for files and e-mail, announced StoredIQ 3.0, a content-driven compliance and security platform designed to discover, protect and manage business critical files and e-mail. StoredIQ 3.0 scans the internal content of files and e-mails, enabling business-based classification of unstructured data. This file classification is then used to enforce user defined automated policies on that data, mitigating risk for enterprise customers by ensuring adherence to corporate and regulatory compliance guidelines, as well as protecting information security. StoredIQ 3.0 is the basis for a suite of content-driven compliance and security applications. The company is also announcing the first such application, HIPAA Solutions Pack, an automated solution that addresses HIPAA security compliance requirements for files. Once found, files can be analyzed by location, owner, age, size, type and other characteristics that are critical to the enterprise’s corporate compliance and security policies. StoredIQ 3.0 then allows users to define automated policies that can delete, move, migrate, or encrypt the files to meet the appropriate corporate or regulatory policies. Finally, reports and advisory messages are delivered to end-users and auditors to ensure that compliance is maintained over time. Implemented on a self-contained appliance that doesn’t require any external software agents, StoredIQ 3.0 supports files on NT, UNIX/Linux and NetWare file systems.

Interwoven Announces Interwoven OffSite

Interwoven, Inc. announced the introduction of Interwoven OffSite, an offering that provides business professionals with the capability to access and modify their working documents, e-mails, and projects while working offline. A new module for Interwoven WorkSite 8 software, OffSite enables business professionals to experience the functionality of WorkSite when disconnected from the network. With OffSite, users can create new documents, modify documents or file e-mail into appropriate folders. On reconnection to the network, this content is automatically synchronized with the entire matter or client file. As a fully-portable version of WorkSite, OffSite uses the same familiar user paradigms and interfaces available in online mode. Complete collaborative document management functionality provides users with the ability to browse the file hierarchy, view and modify existing documents, create new documents, and search repository content just as if they were connected to the network. Interwoven OffSite will be available in Q2 2005 as an add-on module to Interwoven WorkSite 8.

Intellext Launches & Releases Contextual Search Solution

Intellext announced that it has emerged from its research and development stage and is now commercially marketing and shipping its software solution, Watson. By reading and understanding what people are working on and using that knowledge to proactively find and deliver useful information to the user, Watson is able to find information the user didn’t know existed — in places they otherwise might not have looked. In emerging from the incubation stage, the company has changed its name to Intellext from Open Road Technologies. Watson determines what information is relevant to each user, and forms contextually-based queries rather than simple one or two-word search terms to generate the most useful and complete set of results. Watson automatically brings users any relevant information from their company’s external and internal information sources including websites, desktop search applications, online news sites, subscriber services and search engines, as well as documents and data from a company’s corporate knowledge management systems, databases and intranets. If the user chooses, Watson will even retrieve advertisements that are related to their current work. Information from Watson’s multiple sources is then organized by relevance regardless of its source, and presented to the user in a non-intrusive way. The online information collected and presented by Watson is based solely on relevance, so users do not receive intrusive advertisements and unrelated content that interrupts their work. Intellext is also offering the MuseSearch MuseServer as part of the Watson solution for large organizations.

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