StoredIQ Inc. (formerly Deepfile Corporation), a provider of content-driven compliance and security solutions for files and e-mail, announced StoredIQ 3.0, a content-driven compliance and security platform designed to discover, protect and manage business critical files and e-mail. StoredIQ 3.0 scans the internal content of files and e-mails, enabling business-based classification of unstructured data. This file classification is then used to enforce user defined automated policies on that data, mitigating risk for enterprise customers by ensuring adherence to corporate and regulatory compliance guidelines, as well as protecting information security. StoredIQ 3.0 is the basis for a suite of content-driven compliance and security applications. The company is also announcing the first such application, HIPAA Solutions Pack, an automated solution that addresses HIPAA security compliance requirements for files. Once found, files can be analyzed by location, owner, age, size, type and other characteristics that are critical to the enterprise’s corporate compliance and security policies. StoredIQ 3.0 then allows users to define automated policies that can delete, move, migrate, or encrypt the files to meet the appropriate corporate or regulatory policies. Finally, reports and advisory messages are delivered to end-users and auditors to ensure that compliance is maintained over time. Implemented on a self-contained appliance that doesn’t require any external software agents, StoredIQ 3.0 supports files on NT, UNIX/Linux and NetWare file systems.