Intellext announced that it has emerged from its research and development stage and is now commercially marketing and shipping its software solution, Watson. By reading and understanding what people are working on and using that knowledge to proactively find and deliver useful information to the user, Watson is able to find information the user didn’t know existed — in places they otherwise might not have looked. In emerging from the incubation stage, the company has changed its name to Intellext from Open Road Technologies. Watson determines what information is relevant to each user, and forms contextually-based queries rather than simple one or two-word search terms to generate the most useful and complete set of results. Watson automatically brings users any relevant information from their company’s external and internal information sources including websites, desktop search applications, online news sites, subscriber services and search engines, as well as documents and data from a company’s corporate knowledge management systems, databases and intranets. If the user chooses, Watson will even retrieve advertisements that are related to their current work. Information from Watson’s multiple sources is then organized by relevance regardless of its source, and presented to the user in a non-intrusive way. The online information collected and presented by Watson is based solely on relevance, so users do not receive intrusive advertisements and unrelated content that interrupts their work. Intellext is also offering the MuseSearch MuseServer as part of the Watson solution for large organizations.