Interwoven, Inc. announced the introduction of Interwoven OffSite, an offering that provides business professionals with the capability to access and modify their working documents, e-mails, and projects while working offline. A new module for Interwoven WorkSite 8 software, OffSite enables business professionals to experience the functionality of WorkSite when disconnected from the network. With OffSite, users can create new documents, modify documents or file e-mail into appropriate folders. On reconnection to the network, this content is automatically synchronized with the entire matter or client file. As a fully-portable version of WorkSite, OffSite uses the same familiar user paradigms and interfaces available in online mode. Complete collaborative document management functionality provides users with the ability to browse the file hierarchy, view and modify existing documents, create new documents, and search repository content just as if they were connected to the network. Interwoven OffSite will be available in Q2 2005 as an add-on module to Interwoven WorkSite 8.