Stellent, Inc. announced the release of Stellent Universal Content Management 7.5. Stellent’s new metadata management model allows users to view metadata fields in context. In other words, users only see metadata applicable to them at a certain point in time. For example, rather than only controlling metadata fields based on document type, Stellent now offers the ability to control metadata based on user roles, document status and a variety of other criteria. With version 7.5, Stellent folders automatically appear on the email client without client software, and Stellent users can now drag and drop email messages and attachments directly from their email system into Stellent Content Server. Version 7.5’s new digital asset management (DAM) capabilities make it easier for organizations to utilize images and videos. For example, version 7.5 automatically converts image files from a single source into a variety of formats, such as GIF and TIF files. This process optimizes images for various types of consumption, such as PowerPoint presentations and Web sites, while managing all of the renditions as a single object. Universal Content Management 7.5 also offers similar conversion capabilities for video files. In version 7.5, Stellent Desktop Integration provides a common interface for users desiring richer functionality than that exposed in Web interfaces, WebDAV or email server integrations. Stellent Universal Content Management version 7.5 is available today.