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Interwoven & DoubleClick Partner

Interwoven, Inc. announced an agreement with DoubleClick Inc. to offer a comprehensive Marketing Content Management (MCM) solution. Interwoven will offer SmartPath 5.0 to extend its Marketing Content Management capabilities. SmartPath is an MRM (Marketing Relationship Management) software application that enables marketers to manage marketing initiatives across the entire marketing supply chain optimizing core functions, including information management, production, operations, and team communication. Integrating Interwoven’s MediaBin Asset Server 4.0 software with the SmartPath solution provides marketing organizations with the ability to accelerate time-to-market for product introductions and promotions. DoubleClick recently acquired SmartPath, which provides marketing resource management solutions to companies whose marketing operations are critical to their business.

AssetLink Announces AssetLink OnDemand

AssetLink Corporation announced the debut of AssetLink OnDemand, an enterprise digital asset management, collaboration and workflow automation solution. Companies seeking the benefits of DAM to work with sales and customer support teams, external partners and customers, can do so at a cost of $25 per user per month. An Internet-based DAM subscription service, OnDemand allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of DAM, such as storing, managing and retrieving valuable digital assets — from text and video to graphics and page layouts and related technologies — on a per-user basis. No investment is required for software, hardware or infrastructure, and there is no long-term commitment. Setup and implementation takes less than 24 hours to bring a company and its users on line. OnDemand’s Standard $25 per user implementation gives a company 24-hour/seven-day access to AssetLink’s application framework server, digital asset management application and basic marketing portal.

Mark Logic Unveils Content Interaction Server for Content-Based Applications

Mark Logic Corporation introduced an enterprise-scale database specifically designed for content. Mark Logic Content Interaction Server enables organizations to build content-centric applications on their documents and business content, just as relational databases allowed applications to be built on numerical data. XML, SGML, XPath and XQuery serve as building blocks for Content Interaction Server to power parametric searches in conjunction with text search to deliver contextually relevant results. Content Interaction Server sees “inside” documents to identify precise sections of content (at any level of document granularity, chapter, paragraph, sentence, word, etc.) across an entire document collection. There is no need to pre-process the documents before loading them into the server. In addition to full XQuery support, Mark Logic has added extensions to XQuery to incorporate transactional update and more search capabilities.

VERITAS Announces Availability of Data Lifecycle Manager 5.0

VERITAS Software Corp. announced the general availability of VERITAS Data Lifecycle Manager 5.0 software, designed to help organizations meet global regulatory requirements for data management – from creation to deletion – across all storage media. In addition, VERITAS announced new partnerships aimed at offering integrated solutions to simplify and standardize management and archiving of structured and unstructured data – from e-mail to digital files to text – using the common Data Lifecycle Manager API. Using VERITAS Data Lifecycle Manager, customers can automate the management of files and messaging data using policy-driven retention, migration and deletion processes. VERITAS Data Lifecycle Manager provides customers an integrated solution with VERITAS data protection solutions, VERITAS NetBackup and VERITAS Backup Exec software. This allows a user to search across potentially terabytes of data spanning multiple years in one search. The new VERITAS partner program is aimed at offering a set of joint solutions that unify the management of disparate data formats for database, application, enterprise content management, file system, e-mail and instant-messaging data. Participants include Akonix, Autonomy, Exivity, FaceTime, IMlogic, Network Appliance, Pegasus, Plasmon, Princeton Softech, Sherpa Software and StorageTek.

Open Text Updates Discovery Server

Open Text Corporation introduced a new version of Livelink Discovery Server, a search engine product designed for companies that publish large quantities of customized information, such as lengthy retail or parts catalogs, news and information archives, technical standards documentation or patent data. Livelink Discovery Server Version 9.0 lets customers create customized applications to manage large-scale information retrieval challenges. The product offers natural language queries, search federation, text analysis, concept mining, result clustering and categorization. Livelink Discovery Server provides the ability to add new search features. It can also be extended to include searches of Web-based content sources – intranets, extranets and public websites. Livelink Discovery Server works with Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP as well as Solaris systems.

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