Innovation Gate announced the release of WebGate Anywhere 3. Built upon J2EE technology, WebGate Anywhere provides a solution with multiple authoring clients, multiple outputs from One Source data store, and integrated
document “collections” that take advantage of access to legacy data along with data internal to the application. Multiple authoring clients include MS Word, browser, e-mail, Lotus Notes or any XML editor. Outputs include HTML, PDF (created on the fly), PDA, cell phone and XML. Special drivers and a language called WebTML, make it possible to create data collections from a variety of sources accessible from a web browser. Customers can mix a variety of data stores to feed their web sites, including DB2, MySQL, SAB DB, Oracle, Sybase, Progress, Mckoi SQl, Interbase, Pointbase, Postgre-SQL, HypersonicSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Ingres, Informix and Frontbase as well as Domino nsf’s. They can also choose to administer their sites with a browser based front end, or they can use Domino, the traditional WebGate Anywhere platform.