XyEnterprise announced a new style creation tool and support for XSL-FO in its XML publishing software — XML Professional Publisher (XPP). XPP is used for automated and interactive publishing in XML publishing environments, providing support for XML content, automated rendering, and Web Services integration. XPP will apply an XSL stylesheet to an XML instance, and use this information to render XML content to Postscript or PDF output. Users will have access to the publishing capabilities of XPP that supplement the XSL-FO standard, including the ability to interactively edit the formatted file, control the placement of graphics, and apply sophisticated controls for page and column balancing, hyphenation and justification, and complex tabular formatting. The new style creation and management interface, based on XPP’s Web Services layer, presents a browser-based look and feel for creating and managing style information. www.XyEnterprise.com