Verity Inc. announced the availability of Verity Ultraseek release 5.1. A highlight of Ultraseek 5.1 is Layout Manager, a graphical user interface that reduces the administrative effort needed to design and deploy multiple search interfaces and results pages. It is designed to give administrators the ability to easily control all aspects of look and feel as well as search options, including results display, default collections, categories, passage-based summaries and spell suggest. Layout Manager allows delegation of this activity to business-line managers. Reporting Manager offers administrators insight into users’ search behaviors and changes in search patterns to permit improvement of search relevance and usability. Detailed analysis reports can be generated on a wide range of search processes to help administrators and business-line managers improve the search relevance on their Web sites, including top search queries, queries yielding no results, top requested documents and query trends.Verity Ultraseek 5.1 also supports new file formats, including Star Office 6.0, OpenOffice 1.0 and .zip documents.