Inxight Software, Inc., announced the release of Inxight ThingFinder 3.5. The latest version of its ‘entity extraction’ software enables developers to extend the value of their applications, including information categorization, link analysis, data mining, business intelligence and CRM, by providing a means of quickly retrieving the most important pieces of information contained in large volumes of text the people, places, companies and other “things” contained within. New features and enhancements to the product include improved accuracy and speed, new relevancy ranking capabilities, the addition of support for three new languages and enhanced data normalization features. The latest version of ThingFinder provides new language support for Arabic, Farsi and Simplified Chinese. ThingFinder also supports English, French, German and Spanish. ThingFinder includes new relevance ranking capabilities that provide users with a score reflecting each entity’s importance to a document as a whole. Inxight ThingFinder 3.5 is available immediately in a software development kit format. The ThingFinder functionality will also be made available in SmartDiscovery, Inxight’s enterprise search and information discovery solution, later this year.