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Bluebill Advisors Names Sebastian Holst VP & General Manager of Strategy & Service

Bluebill Advisors, Inc. announced that it has appointed Sebastian Holst to the position of vice president and general manager, strategy and services. Holst’s primary responsibilities include managing and growing vendor and end-user services for Bluebill Advisors and contributing to The Gilbane Report where he will serve as a senior editor. Holst has served as a VP of marketing for public and private software corporations, has been active on advisory boards for a number of leading computing and industry standards bodies and has been a long time contributor to The Gilbane Report contributing feature articles and a popular column on “enterprise tribal knowledge.” In addition to his technology marketing, product management and standards expertise, Holst has been providing services to a broad spectrum of content-centric technology providers for some time including Documentum, Merant, Software AG and Sun Microsystems.

Open Text Introduces Coreport 6.0

Open Text Corporation introduced Coreport 6.0, an enterprise portal framework that unifies content from Livelink, other repositories and a wide range of enterprise systems in a single interface. The solution offers customers a new option for enterprise content integration in Livelink, allowing them to connect disparate applications and repositories. Coreport 6.0 brings Livelink’s virtual team collaboration, knowledge and content management, business process automation and information retrieval services into a customized and extended portal environment. The new version also includes enhancements to the Coreport portal framework, with a variety of functional improvements. Coreport 6.0 will be available July 1.

Optika & Percussion Announce Partnership

Optika Inc. announced a partnership with Percussion Software. The partnership enables Optika to leverage Percussion’s Rhythmyx Web Content Management (WCM) functionality to give its customers capabilities for Internet sites, intranet sites, extranets or portals. At the same time, Percussion clients can now take advantage of Optika’s Acorde Records Management solution to comply with requirements for retaining and disposing of corporate records. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Optika and Percussion will initiate joint marketing and sales efforts and introduce each other into their respective customer bases.,

Infodata Rolls Out AnnoDoc 1.5

Infodata Systems Inc. released of AnnoDoc 1.5, a major upgrade to its Content Review product. With this upgrade, AnnoDoc offers compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 so teams of people can simultaneously create, assemble, view, and control electronic annotations of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents created with Acrobat 6.0. Annotations are managed as separate objects in the content repository from the original PDF document. Graphic images in all of the popular formats can also have annotations. In addition, AnnoDoc can be used offline and re-synchronized by users on the go. With AnnoDoc 1.5, the enterprise has the means to maintain tight control over their internal content-review processes. Depending on permissions set by a company, a user can view annotations and respond to comments from other parties. All annotations are retained for reporting and audit purposes. AnnoDoc 1.5 is integrated with Documentum, and our Infodata Foundation Server (IFS) allows for integration into other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems such as Open Text, Stellent, and FileNet. AnnoDoc 1.5 for Windows is available now and is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 4, 5, and 6 and Documentum 4i and 5.

Hummingbird Releases Enterprise 5.1

Hummingbird Ltd. announced the release of Hummingbird Enterprise 5.1, a suite of information and knowledge management solutions that feature integrated document, knowledge and records management, business intelligence, collaboration and portal applications. The enhanced suite of integrated technologies delivers a complete solution, encompassing all the components of a Smart Enterprise Suite (SES). The secure, consolidated platform of Hummingbird Enterprise 5.1 – the second generation of SES components – provides a single integrated solution for the complete lifecycle management of enterprise content. Hummingbird Enterprise further enhances the SES offering with additional capabilities including full query, analysis and reporting functionalities and data integration tools for managing metadata and integrating enterprise applications.

SOAP Version 1.2 Released as W3C Recommendation

The World Wide Web Consortium released SOAP Version 1.2 as a W3C Recommendation. The Recommendation is four documents: the “SOAP Version 1.2 Primer,” “SOAP Version 1.2 Messaging Framework,” “SOAP Version 1.2 Adjuncts,” and the “SOAP Version 1.2 Assertions and Test Collection.” Developed by the W3C XML Protocol Working Group, SOAP Version 1.2 is a lightweight protocol for exchanging structured information in a decentralized, distributed environment such as the Web.

SALT Forum Publishes Salt Profile for SVG

The SALT Forum, a group of companies with a shared goal of accelerating the use of speech technologies in multimodal and telephony systems, announced that it has published a SALT profile for the W3C SVG markup language. The SVG profile supplements the SALT 1.0 specification, which was contributed to the W3C by the SALT Forum and already included profiles for use with the XHTML and SMIL specifications. By adding SALT to SVG, developers can further enhance the user experience with interactive spoken interfaces coupled directly to the visual interface. SVG with SALT provides the means to build sophisticated mobile applications for devices with easy-to-use speech interfaces that are accessible without looking at or touching the equipment. SVG with SALT can be used to provide speech “hot spots” within a graphic or provide spoken commands for scrolling and zooming the display. It can also be used to embed descriptive services for the visually impaired directly within a graphic, streamlining the workflow process. The SALT specification was designed to add speech input, speech output and call control capabilities to practically any XML-based language.

Axonwave Updates Content Intelligence System

Axonwave Software announced the release of version 3.0 of its content intelligence software. The Axonwave Content Intelligence System (CIS) performs advanced information retrieval and analysis by locating precise and accurate information based on context and meaning, regardless of the type of document. Axonwave CIS can analyze massive volumes of unstructured information (MS Office documents, email, PDF, intranet content, etc.) according to user-defined natural language concepts, perform sophisticated content analysis, and present the information in a variety of dimensional views for extrapolating explicit and inferred information trends and correlations. Axonwave CIS gives users access to remote and inaccessible information that is stored across enterprise information repositories, including content management or document management systems, enterprise information portals, shared or local drives, or newsfeeds. Axonwave CIS also enables companies to monitor disparate information sources, and to take appropriate business action based on a precise analysis of information trends.

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