Axonwave Software announced the release of version 3.0 of its content intelligence software. The Axonwave Content Intelligence System (CIS) performs advanced information retrieval and analysis by locating precise and accurate information based on context and meaning, regardless of the type of document. Axonwave CIS can analyze massive volumes of unstructured information (MS Office documents, email, PDF, intranet content, etc.) according to user-defined natural language concepts, perform sophisticated content analysis, and present the information in a variety of dimensional views for extrapolating explicit and inferred information trends and correlations. Axonwave CIS gives users access to remote and inaccessible information that is stored across enterprise information repositories, including content management or document management systems, enterprise information portals, shared or local drives, or newsfeeds. Axonwave CIS also enables companies to monitor disparate information sources, and to take appropriate business action based on a precise analysis of information trends.