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Hummingbird acquires Valid Information Systems

Hummingbird Ltd. announced the acquisition of Valid Information Systems Limited (Valid). Founded in 1989, Valid is a privately held company that is in the compliance and records management market in the United Kingdom. Hummingbird acquired the shares of Valid for initial consideration of British Pounds 10 million (US dollar 16.5 million) in cash and additional consideration of British Pounds 8 million (US dollar 13 million) in cash payable over 2 years, based on performance targets. Valid will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hummingbird, continuing to support and maintain all customer implementations. Hummingbird will continue to sell the Valid products in the UK without interruption. The existing Valid management team and employees will remain with their current responsibilities and positions.

eMotion Acquires Artmachine and Closes $2.5 Million

eMotion, Inc. announced the acquisition of Artmachine. The company also announced the completion of a $2.5 million round of financing. Most of Artmachines current staff will be relocating to eMotions headquarters in San Francisco, California where eMotions CEO, Richard Fisher, and other key finance and marketing executives are based. eMotion plans to use the financing to facilitate the integration of eMotion and Artmachine technologies onto its next generation platform, to enhance customer support and marketing initiatives, as well as to expand the North American sales team.,

Software AG Adds Indexing for Non-XML Documents

Software AG, Inc.announced that version 4.1.4 of its Tamino XML Server includes a new indexing tool for performing metadata searches on non-XML documents such as Microsoft Office and Sun StarOffice. Other text retrieval enhancements in Tamino XML Server 4.1.4 include phonetic document searches and retreived text highlighting. Tamino’s Non-XML Indexer plug-in module works with Tamino to extend the set of searchable metadata – such as author, creation date, date last modified, or file size – that is associated with non-XML documents. The module can create indices for standard document formats such as Microsoft Office (including Word and Excel), StarOffice (including Writer and Calc), OpenOffice, Plain text files (UTF-8), MPEG Audio (often known as MP3 files), RTF (Rich Text Format) and ZIP files. Tamino XML Server 4.1.4 is available now for Windows 2000/XP Pro, Linux (Intel systems and S/390) HP-UX, Sun Solaris 8 and IBM AIX 5.1 and 5.2. Later this month Tamino will also run on Sun Solaris 9. Separately installable on Tamino, the Non-XML Indexer plug-in module can be downloaded from the Tamino Developer Community.

eFoundry Expands FatWire Partnership

eFoundry Inc. has expanded its alliance with FatWire Software. The partnership is a key facet of FatWire’s strategy to align itself with content management service providers. eFoundry’s Content Server experience will help support FatWire’s expanded customer base resulting from its acquisition of divine Inc.’s Content Server enterprise content management solution. eFoundry has been a Content Server partner for five years and is comprised of principal members of the original Content Server engineering and management team.

iManage Adds Caching to WorkSite Server

iManage, Inc. announced the availability of WorkSite Server with Caching, a middle-tier content and collaboration server built specifically to address the needs of companies with users and documents distributed across multiple offices. The WorkSite Server with Caching provides users LAN like performance when accessing content in remote libraries; it also makes centralized implementations practical enabling firms to eliminate stand-alone document management (DM) installations at each remote office. WorkSite Server with Caching is available now for $8,500 per CPU; an upgrade pricing program for current iManage customers is currently available.

Stellent Releases Outside In Image Export

Stellent, Inc. announced its Software Components Division has released Outside In Image Export. The new product converts content in multiple document formats to image files, eliminating costs related to writing and maintaining custom image conversion technologies. Outside In Image Export directly converts more than a hundred native file types to BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG formats as well as to TIFF. A broad range of applications for markets such as document imaging, records management, fax server and document archiving can leverage Image Export to convert native file types to a standardized image format. Image Export allows developers to adjust a file’s resolution, color depth settings and size, enabling the creation of a range of images from “thumbnails”, or quick visual representations, to full-size images. Outside In Image Export is currently shipping.,

COAST Partners with Interwoven

COAST Software Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Interwoven, Inc. to integrate their technologies to improve Web content quality for companies building or maintaining large and complex Web sites. COAST Web Quality Central integrates into the workflow of Interwoven’s TeamSite Content Server for content management to verify and validate Web site content and compliance. The comprehensive privacy reports included in COAST Web Quality Central will reveal potential violations and identify pages that set cookies, collect personal information and are prone to data leakages. COAST Web Quality Central also plays an important role in helping organizations enforce operational security standards. Custom PageRules can easily be created that continually verify Web content to ensure thatclassified material never appears online. This capability highlights one of the key benefits of integrating the COAST solution with Interwoven TeamSite as sensitive material is identified early in the publishing process and removed from any content destined for a public Web site.,

Pound Hill Announces Catalyst XMP Solution

Pound Hill Software Inc. announced the Catalyst XMP Solution, an integrated set
of tools for Adobe’s eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP). With Catalyst, creators and managers of graphic arts intellectual property can specify both the metadata embedded in graphic arts documents and the look-and-feel of the dialogs that collect the data. In addition to designing and defining these controls, enterprises can generate their own plug-ins for applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat and QuarkXPress to collect the data.
The Catalyst XMP Solution also includes a companion application called Metavue, a metadata browser and search tool. You can build customized metadata dialogs with properties and values unique to your workgroup in Catalyst and use these values and properties as search criteria in Metavue. Catalyst runs on Macintosh OS X. Catalyst plug-ins and XTensions run on Macintosh and Windows versions of the supported applications. Metavue runs on Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Catalyst, Metavue, and Catalyst Plug-ins and XTensions modules are priced at Enterprise, Workgroup, and Individual Freelancer levels.

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