Context Media, Inc. announced that it is collaborating with IBM to make it easier for organizations to access and use digital content stored across the enterprise. As part of the agreement, Context Media integrated its Interchange Suite software with the IBM DB2 Content Manager portfolio. The integration will enable customers to access content that resides in multiple repositories across the enterprise through a single interface. Context Media integrated Interchange Suite with IBM DB2 Content Manager using Web-services standards to create an ECI Adaptor that provides bi-directional information flow between disparate repositories, the Interchange Suite and IBM DB2 Content Manager. The integration of both products allows businesses to build solutions that aggregate content stored in multiple repositories and systems around an enterprise and present it securely to end-users through a single view. The single view can be presented through IBM DB2 Content Manager, a WebSphere Portal interface, Context Medias Intershare client, or a combination of all of these.