Autonomy Corporation plc announced an upgrade to the core algorithms that power Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) Infrastructure technology. Dynamic Reasoning Engine vs 4 (DRE4) increases the speed and sophistication of real time analysis, and provides enhanced indexing performance, increased querying, improved storage, new logging features, enhanced field processing, split data storage, enhanced XML operations, multi-language support and simultaneous multi-security operations, Communication with DRE 4 is implemented over HTTP using XML and can adhere to .Net and SOAP. IDOL interface (application layer) Portal-in-a-Box vs 4 (PIB4) now provides a suite of analytics interfaces for automated navigation. These include enhanced automatic/manual query and results interfaces that power personalization and collaborative operations fusing text, voice and video sources in a single operation. For users who wish to employ manual operation techniques and editing features Legacy Compatibility Module vs 3 (LCM3) now provides as standard, advanced Proximity Keyword Search; Soundex; Metadata Search; Federated Search and Parametric Search.