Plumtree Software announced the general availability of the Plumtree Portlet Framework for PeopleSoft, which allows portal managers to create portlets for displaying, searching and updating data from any PeopleSoft 8 system. The Framework can integrate virtually any PeopleSoft service into the Plumtree Corporate Portal without coding. Customers can create applications within a Plumtree portal based on services from PeopleSoft as well as services from other systems, including the search, content management and collaboration capabilities offered as part of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite. The Portlet Framework for PeopleSoft provides a graphical environment for creating new Plumtree portlets against any standard or custom PeopleSoft Component Interface (CI). Plumtree also offers frameworks for building portlets for SAP R/3 and Siebel. These portlets can be embedded within portal applications that combine resources from many existing systems, as well as new services for collaboration, content management and search that systems such as PeopleSoft may lack.