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Day: May 11, 2003

iUpload Expands Content Management Offering Into a Suite for e-Business

iUpload is expanding its offering to include a suite of e-Business tools that help organizations optimize the marketing potential of their web presence. The iUpload Application Suite adds to content management, other functions necessary to run a successful e-Business web site: a permission-based, e-mail marketing module, a site search and indexing function, an online survey manager, and an interactive chat and discussions forums manager. The announcement is the first result of technology integration following the companys acquisition of WebPartz in March, 2003. Organizations will use the iUpload Application Suite to elevate brochure-ware web sites into interactive e-Business sites by activating any of the iUpload Application Suite modules. Because the iUpload Application Suite is net-native, subscribers are able to activate modules without having to install hardware or separate software applications. Customers can use modules that form the iUpload Application Suite individually or in combination. All modules in the iUpload Suite are currently available. Access to these new modules is via subscription starting at a rate of $85 per month per module.

Open Text Livelink Provides Lifecycle Support for Acrobat 6.0 & PDF

Open Text Corporation said it is introducing new Livelink features that will provide end-to-end support for Adobe’s solutions for integrating documents across business processes and throughout the lifecycle of critical documents. The new offerings integrate Livelink, Acrobat 6.0, and Adobe PDF technology, to support the collaborative management of PDF documents in Livelink. The integration provides a process for managing multiple, parallel reviews of an Adobe PDF document, allowing users to concurrently review an un-modifiable PDF version of a document and record their comments and suggested changes in Livelink. All commenting actions are recorded in the Livelink audit trail. The input from reviewers can then be assessed and consolidated by editors, who are the only ones with access to the original, which is securely protected in Livelink. The integration also provides controls to guard against the misuse of documents. Open Texts Adobe PDF solutions are integrated with Livelinks task management, notification, audit and report features, as well as Livelinks workflows.,

Autonomy in Agreement with CNSI

Autonomy Corporation plc announced an agreement with CNSI, an IT innovations provider to government agencies and businesses worldwide, to provide enterprises with effective and intelligent information management and delivery systems.,

Verity Announces K2 Developer 5.0

Verity Inc. announced the availability of Verity K2 Developer (K2D) release 5.0. The new version of its platform is for ISV’s that need to add discovery, organization and personalization capabilities to e-business applications such as content management, CRM, supply chain management, portal infrastructure, online commerce, and other enterprise-level programs. An important part of this latest release of Verity’s OEM technology is the Verity Organization Developer’s Kit (ODK), a set of APIs that can be integrated into enterprise applications whose performance and value will benefit from content organization and recommendation capabilities. This release of K2D also includes enhanced capabilities of Verity’s Recommendation Engine, including recommendation of queries, category recommendations, federated recommendations, Open Navigation and Dynamic Taxonomies. Interfaces are now available to allow the editing of any entity, which enable ISVs complete control over the information managed within the Recommendation Engine.

Interwoven Introduces Server Consolidation Solution

Interwoven Inc. introduced a solution that helps organizations eliminate excess and underutilized servers, allowing CIOs and IT managers to reduce the costs of managing and maintaining a complex IT environment. The Interwoven Server Consolidation solution combines Interwoven technology – Interwoven OpenDeploy Server Consolidation Edition for distribution management bundled with an Interwoven content server for snapshotting, change management, and versioning functionality – in addition to consulting expertise. The Interwoven solution serves as a traffic control hub and is capable of consolidating thousands of business initiatives driven by different business organizations or departments while simultaneously supporting their particular requirements such as deployment schedules, security, and maintenance demand procedures. The Interwoven Server Consolidation Solution is available today, and includes Interwoven client services experts who can provide an initial five-day assessment of redundant or underutilized Web, application and file servers. These assessment services are also available through Interwoven partners IBM Global Services and Accenture.

Ipedo Enhances XML Information Hub

Ipedo introduced the latest version of its XML Information Hub, incorporating several new product enhancements to facilitate the growing use of XML in Web and Web Services applications. The Ipedo XML Information Hub 3.3 now features integrated content conversion, rules-based auto-organization, a universal XQuery engine and enhanced XML Views for Web Services. The Ipedo XML Information Hub – with its Integration Manager, XML Database and Web Express modules – combines integration with information management capabilities to make information available on demand, enabling organizations to unify their data and content sources and combine them for use in multiple applications. For example, pharmaceutical companies can speed drug research by aggregating and mining genomic and clinical data from multiple online sources; financial institutions can combine data from multiple back-end sources into new compliance documents for regulatory review; and manufacturers can combine relevant pieces from product documentation for presentation in customer and partner portals.

Plumtree Announces Availability of Portlet Framework for PeopleSoft

Plumtree Software announced the general availability of the Plumtree Portlet Framework for PeopleSoft, which allows portal managers to create portlets for displaying, searching and updating data from any PeopleSoft 8 system. The Framework can integrate virtually any PeopleSoft service into the Plumtree Corporate Portal without coding. Customers can create applications within a Plumtree portal based on services from PeopleSoft as well as services from other systems, including the search, content management and collaboration capabilities offered as part of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite. The Portlet Framework for PeopleSoft provides a graphical environment for creating new Plumtree portlets against any standard or custom PeopleSoft Component Interface (CI). Plumtree also offers frameworks for building portlets for SAP R/3 and Siebel. These portlets can be embedded within portal applications that combine resources from many existing systems, as well as new services for collaboration, content management and search that systems such as PeopleSoft may lack.

Mobius Introduces ViewDirect Total Content Integrator

Mobius Management Systems, Inc. announced the availability of ViewDirect Total Content Integrator, a new product that provides access through a single interface to content stored in disparate repositories. ViewDirect Total Content Integrator enables cross-repository, cross-platform searching and retrieval of content in any format stored in silos from vendors such as FileNet and IBM as well as homegrown systems. ViewDirect Total Content Integrator is a component of the ViewDirect TCM suite of total content management solutions, including Web site, digital asset and document management; workflow and imaging; Internet presentment and payment; records management; and enterprise report distribution. ViewDirect Total Content Integrator uses SOAP over HTTP/SSL to access remote repositories and APIs across firewalls. It is interoperable with Sun ONE and Microsoft.Net. The product features out-of-the-box connectors that understand the structure of the content source, an intelligent dictionary mapping service that resolves the relationship between data in disparate repositories, and Web services for distributed searching, user profiling, content retrieval and automatic content presentment. ViewDirect Total Content Integrator is scheduled for managed release in July 2003.

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