iUpload is expanding its offering to include a suite of e-Business tools that help organizations optimize the marketing potential of their web presence. The iUpload Application Suite adds to content management, other functions necessary to run a successful e-Business web site: a permission-based, e-mail marketing module, a site search and indexing function, an online survey manager, and an interactive chat and discussions forums manager. The announcement is the first result of technology integration following the companys acquisition of WebPartz in March, 2003. Organizations will use the iUpload Application Suite to elevate brochure-ware web sites into interactive e-Business sites by activating any of the iUpload Application Suite modules. Because the iUpload Application Suite is net-native, subscribers are able to activate modules without having to install hardware or separate software applications. Customers can use modules that form the iUpload Application Suite individually or in combination. All modules in the iUpload Suite are currently available. Access to these new modules is via subscription starting at a rate of $85 per month per module. www.iupload.com