Open Text Corporation said it is introducing new Livelink features that will provide end-to-end support for Adobe’s solutions for integrating documents across business processes and throughout the lifecycle of critical documents. The new offerings integrate Livelink, Acrobat 6.0, and Adobe PDF technology, to support the collaborative management of PDF documents in Livelink. The integration provides a process for managing multiple, parallel reviews of an Adobe PDF document, allowing users to concurrently review an un-modifiable PDF version of a document and record their comments and suggested changes in Livelink. All commenting actions are recorded in the Livelink audit trail. The input from reviewers can then be assessed and consolidated by editors, who are the only ones with access to the original, which is securely protected in Livelink. The integration also provides controls to guard against the misuse of documents. Open Texts Adobe PDF solutions are integrated with Livelinks task management, notification, audit and report features, as well as Livelinks workflows.,