Interwoven Inc. introduced a solution that helps organizations eliminate excess and underutilized servers, allowing CIOs and IT managers to reduce the costs of managing and maintaining a complex IT environment. The Interwoven Server Consolidation solution combines Interwoven technology – Interwoven OpenDeploy Server Consolidation Edition for distribution management bundled with an Interwoven content server for snapshotting, change management, and versioning functionality – in addition to consulting expertise. The Interwoven solution serves as a traffic control hub and is capable of consolidating thousands of business initiatives driven by different business organizations or departments while simultaneously supporting their particular requirements such as deployment schedules, security, and maintenance demand procedures. The Interwoven Server Consolidation Solution is available today, and includes Interwoven client services experts who can provide an initial five-day assessment of redundant or underutilized Web, application and file servers. These assessment services are also available through Interwoven partners IBM Global Services and Accenture.