Altova software and CambridgeDocs announced the xDoc Plug-in, a tool for migrating unstructured content from Microsoft Word, HTML, and PDF documents, directly into Altova’s XMLSPY. The combined solution helps businesses transform volumes of pre-existing unstructured documents into DocBook XML, LegalXML, NewsML, HR-XML, SCORM, and other customer-specific schemas. The resulting XML content can be stored in content management systems, databases and XML repositories. XMLSPY users would be able to select “Open From Microsoft Word”, “Open From HTML”, “Open From PDF” or from any other supported format, and have the documents automatically converted into XML, along with an appropriate XSLT stylesheet required to view the XML as a well-formatted document. The xDoc Plug-in is a Java 2 platform engine and works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The application can be downloaded for immediate evaluation and purchase.,