Antarctica Systems Inc. announced the availability of Visual Net 3.0. This release provides users with more control over how they view and navigate large information repositories, enabling users to ask better questions of their data. Key to the delivery of these new capabilities has been the integration of Macromedia Flash. Visual Net 3.0 builds on existing search and retrieval capabilities to include an early warning system providing a proactive approach to managing business activity data. Antarctica is now targeting new markets, in particular, business intelligence (BI). New Capabilities with Visual Net 3.0 include the ability to configure the Visual Net interface using color, shape and size, the Macromedia Flash interface, and filtering capabilities to allow users to drive their browsing experience based on any selection of data fields, for fast ad hoc querying, exploration and trend identification. Visual Net 3.0 integrates with existing infrastructure to exploit the investments that enterprises have already made in search and BI technology. Visual Net 3.0 is available immediately.