Traction Software, Inc. introduced the Competitive Intelligence (C.I.) and Market Research solution to its TeamPage Enterprise Weblog. Traction’s TeamPage Enterprise Weblog software is a solution that allows everyday corporate users to collect, link and organize information from e-mail, the web, Office and other textual information in an organized format. Its hypertext journaling system can label, cross-link and deliver relevant portions of editable content gathered from disparate sources and plug into an existing web infrastructure. Traction’s Instant Publisher allows users to collect and post selected text, pictures, links and attachments directly from Microsoft Word, Outlook or Internet Explorer. Traction is a self-contained web server and is a Java application that can be installed on Windows XP, NT or 2000, Linux, Solaris and Macintosh OS X. Traction readers use browsers from Microsoft or Netscape, and supports wireless access from Palm, Windows CE or Blackberry browsers. Traction Competitive Intelligence & Market Research solution is availability immediately. Traction CI is priced at $10,000 per server and $125 per named account, plus 20% for annual maintenance and support. Traction offers a 15 user, workgroup package for $4,995.