Applied Semantics, Inc. and SAXoTECH entered into an agreement whereby SAXoTECH will resell Applied Semantics News Series to users of their Publicus online publishing system. Integrating Applied Semantics News Series into the Publicus system provides SAXoTECH customers with access to content categorization, summarization, and concept tagging capabilities that streamline newswire, editorial, archiving, and syndication processes. Applied Semantics News Series comes bundled with the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) Subject Codes, a 900+ node taxonomy, an industry standard for categorizing news articles. SAXoTECH’s Publicus is a online publishing solution that gives newspaper and magazine publishers the tools necessary to create interactive online publications. The SAXoTECH Publicus/Applied Semantics solution is available immediately through the SAXoTECH sales force.,