Soft Experience has released Catalogue 4.0 – Files Metadata Miner. Catalogue 4.0 is a Windows utility to automatically gather file metadata and to generate HTML/XML/RDF reports. Collected metadata includes: Microsoft Office, Star Office and summary information; summary information of any Windows 2000 file; HTML document title and meta tags according to Dublic Core schema (IETF RFC 2731); Adobe XMP metadata; user-defined information of any Microsoft Office or document; Macintosh comments of any Macintosh file stored on NTFS volumes; PDF Document information; and IPTC-NAA fields for JPEG/TIFF images. The program can generate directly HTML, CSV, Word or XML reports of collected metadata, and is able to apply appropriate XSL transformations to build any text/csv/html/xml report. Language support includes English, French, German, and Portuguese,and you can modify or add your own user interface language.