Factiva announced Factiva Fusion, a content enhancement tool that categorizes and creates relationships between critical business content sets, according to a taxonomy. Factiva Fusion structures content for retrieval and contextual integration into portals, intranets, and other business applications. Factiva’s experts work with customers to tailor Factiva Intelligent Indexing, reducing the time needed to create a unique classification scheme. The solution does not seek to replace existing portals, intranets, and content management systems, but to complement and enhance their performance by consistently organizing the content within those repositories. With Factiva Fusion’s developer’s kit companies can invoke Web services to supply enhanced information that supports specific job functions (e.g., Finance, Marketing, etc.) Fusion incorporates an editorial interface for content collection and taxonomy management, and a pre-defined search interface for out-of-the-box access to unified content. Factiva has strategic partnerships with EIP application providers such as Microsoft, IBM, and Plumtree. www.factiva.com