iPhrase Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of One Step 4.0 with Interaction Advantage. The new platform also supports multiple languages, improves business intelligence through expanded reporting and improves business user control through the introduction of Web-based administration tools. The One Step 4.0 platform combines conceptual understanding, multi-source retrieval, dynamic presentation, and the application of business rules to provide improved interactions. iPhrase One Step 4.0 is tolerant to language, spelling and usage, and provides a feedback loop that tells the user how the question was interpreted. One Step 4.0 offers APIs for integration into content management systems and existing keyword/vocabulary tools, and the solution has been upgraded to include Java and COM front-end APIs for use with e-commerce platforms and Web architectures such as BEA WebLogic portal. iPhrase One Step also offers standard connectors for use with Interwoven MetaTagger and TeamSite and for Netegrity Siteminder. www.iphrase.com