Ipedo, Inc. introduced the newest version of its Ipedo XML Database 3.0. The Ipedo XML Database’s unique fusion of XML query, management and transformation capabilities gives enterprises an XML infrastructure available today for distributed, dynamic information management. The Ipedo XML Database 3.0 introduces fully W3C-compliant XML Query implementation, new XML schema evolution capabilities, unique XML document versioning, improved SOAP support and further performance and scalability improvements. With these enhancements, businesses now can have the dynamic and reusable XML content infrastructure they need to support .NET and other Web Services applications, as well as a variety of enterprise portal, mobile, supply chain, collaborative and other XML content-intensive and personalized applications. The Ipedo XML Database 3.0 is available now for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux. Pricing is on a per-CPU basis. www.ipedo.com