Ipedo Inc., released the latest version of the Ipedo XML Database featuring capabilities to make it easier to gain better control over an increasingly diverse array of enterprise XML. New query capabilities, document options and enhanced transformation capabilities enable the Ipedo XML Database Version 2.0 to provide a platform enterprises can use to integrate, manage and deliver XML content to their Web, portal, wireless and other content-driven applications. The Ipedo XML Database Version 2.0 includes new features that support the growing use of XML in content-driven applications, including: Free-form XML search, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) management, Distributed database management, Integrated XSL transformation, and Large document processing. The Ipedo XML Database can be used standalone or as a caching layer on top of existing relational databases. The Ipedo XML Database stores XML natively. Utilizing XPath, XML document collections can be queried directly in XML syntax. The Ipedo XML Database also contains an XSLT transformation engine that combines data access and transformation in a single step. The Ipedo XML Database 2.0 is available now for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux. Pricing is on a per-CPU basis. Developer licenses are available for $995. www.ipedo.com