Semio Corporation announced that it will integrate Semio Tagger, its core categorization and indexing engine, with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. Information categorized and indexed by Semio can be viewed through Microsoft’s digital dashboard or through the Semio Taxonomy Viewer — which automatically names and groups concepts that share similar qualities into hierarchical categories for more navigable, browseable presentation. SharePoint Portal Server allows companies to easily find, share and publish information. Each stand-alone server offers enterprise-level search functionality (developed by Microsoft Research), integrated document management tools and flexible, easily customizable enterprise portal capabilities. SharePoint Portal Server provides a focal point for finding relevant information stored across multiple data sources, including SharePoint Team Services websites, Exchange data stores, file shares, Notes databases and Internet sites. Tagger supports a wide range of content sources, including most commercial file formats, PDF, HTML/XML sources, Lotus Notes databases, Documentum document vaults, and unstructured text in relational databases. It supports English, French, Spanish and Italian language sources, with more languages available shortly. Pre-packaged industry templates for fast-start categorization are available for the chemical, medical, legal, military, and computing industries. Semio Tagger availability for the SharePoint Portal Server platform is targeted for Q4, 2001.