Atomz Enterprise Search offers new capabilities that deliver control over search results including a fully integrated content mining engine and metadata management center to deliver highly efficient and precise search results. Atomz Content Mining Engine feature delivers targeted, granular search results to users seeking specific information in very large collections of data. For example, an online book retailer using Enterprise Search can deliver fine-tuned results for cross-referenced searches by “author,” “publisher,” or “ISBN number.” Atomz Content Mining Engine also provides customers a comprehensive way to classify, categorize, and relate their data into specific taxonomies to allow site visitors the most flexible and granular level of querying available. With Atomz’ exclusive Target Meta Tag, customers can ‘tag’ (using the Meta data Management interface) pages with specific target keywords whereby the associated page would always be the top search result. Within the Atomz Member Center, customers can also utilize Atomz Enterprise Search’s extensive relevancy controls.