Liaison Technology announced the release of Liaison Content Hub, software that automates the production and management of electronic catalog content. Liaison Content Hub 1.0 provides the infrastructure for manufacturers, distributors and trading exchanges to manage the complex process of developing and managing commerce-ready content. Liaison Content Hub delivers streamlined workflow and process automation capabilities to decrease catalog management costs. Liaison Content Hub 1.0 is the third product based on Liaison’s Catalog Content for Collaborative Commerce (C4) Architecture. Announced in March, the C4 Architecture defines how enterprises increase revenue through the automation and management of electronic catalog content. It serves as the foundation for Liaison’s integrated, scalable solutions for aggregating, managing and syndicating catalog content for e-commerce platforms. In March, the company launched Liaison Content Exchange 3.0, which aggregates data from disparate sources, and Liaison Content Syndicator 1.0, which customizes the content for delivery to e-commerce platforms. Liaison Content Hub 1.0 is now available directly from Liaison and its partners. The software is licensed on a perpetual or an annual basis including professional services and support.