Plumtree Software announced the release of two new Plumtree plug-in components for integrating Documentum enterprise content management capabilities into the Plumtree Corporate Portal platform: a suite of Plumtree Portal Gadgets incorporating the content management capabilities of Documentum 4i, and a Plumtree Crawler for scanning Documentum 4i repositories for new content to index in the portal. The Plumtree Gadget Suite for Documentum 4i allows business users to create, edit and approve Documentum-managed content from a personalized portal page that also incorporates those users’ e-mail, sales leads, inventory reports, and market news. The gadgets were developed by Infodata. The Plumtree Documentum Gadget Suite, available as a web-hosted solution or to customers who have purchased both software solutions, includes gadgets for developing, routing, approving, and publishing content. The Plumtree Crawler for Documentum 4i adds to a collection of crawlers for Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, the Internet, corporate intranets and extranets, and File Systems, giving customers a unified view of all documents across the enterprise, regardless of the repository in which they are located. The Plumtree Crawler for Documentum 4i automatically publishes content that has been staged through Documentum workflows, integrating content in an enterprise-wide searchable directory that includes Web pages, reports, e-mail and documents from file systems.,