North Plains Systems Corp. unveiled the newest release of TeleScope. TeleScope Enterprise 6.1 includes TeleScope’s database abstraction layer, called Database Brokers, which provides a fault-tolerant cross-platform interface to leading database manufactures like Oracle, Microsoft and Informix. Database Brokers communicate with both TeleScope clients and external systems through North Plains’ designed XML standard-MIMiX (Metadata Interchange Model in XML). MIMiX, is a dynamic data model for the exchange of assets and their metadata, providing easy integration between disparate systems. NPS has extended its QuarkXPress integration, which allows users to “flip” through color previews, copy and paste text, and extract linked images, to other document types like Word, PowerPoint and 40 additional document formats. Detailed multi-page views of these documents can be accessed directly from within TeleScope and TeleScope.web without the need of the authoring application. TeleScope Enterprise 6.1 offers built-in full text searching. The new Content Search includes a “Conceptual” search, a simple natural language query, and an “Advanced” search, allowing users to choose between prefix, binary operations, phrasing, proximity and stemming. TeleScope Enterprise 6.1 also gives global departments the ability to simplify the user interface by only showing metadata fields that are appropriate for the file type, class or project that it belongs to.