TRADOS Incorporated and J.D. Edwards & Company have created a development partnership allowing customers to integrate TRADOS technology into J.D. Edwards’ Enterprise Content Manager. As a result of this partnership, customers will gain complete multi- lingual content management capabilities, simplifying translations for organizations operating in several countries with multiple languages. J.D. Edwards’ Enterprise Content Manager allows enterprises to manage multi-lingual content with standard desktop tools like Microsoft Office. Enterprise Content Manager provides “single sourcing,” creating a single content repository that can be used by a company’s network of offices, partners and customers anywhere in the world. TRADOS supports this single sourcing vision, which provides enterprises with a larger return on investment because they only have to translate content once. The architecture of Enterprise Content Manager is geared to provide businesses with the freedom to choose among multiple applications and translation technologies. The J.D. Edwards Enterprise Content Manager is currently available to early adopters, with widespread commercial deployment scheduled for spring 2001. The TRADOS integration is planned for summer for early adapters with General Availability in the fall.;