Hablador introduced a WebDAV-enabled plug-in that will make Adobe GoLive 5.0 a WYSIWYG front-end to Hablador’s content management system. The new product, Hablador Connect: Adobe GoLive Extension, will simplify the process of placing HTML Web pages into an automated content management system. The extension works with Hablador’s recently released CMS 2.5. Hablador CMS 2.5 is a full-featured, browser-based system capable of supporting Internet, intranet and extranet sites of all sizes. Hablador Connect was specifically designed to meet the needs of Webmasters placing their sites under content management for the first time. Hablador Connect: Adobe GoLive Extension, which will be available later this month as a free download installs as a menu item in Adobe GoLive. The extension supports an Object Palette and a Property Inspector that make it easy to use GoLive’s WYSIWYG HTML editing environment to separate the structure from the presentation of a Web page. Hablador’s proprietary AutoBuild feature then takes over to automatically generate a complete content management infrastructure. Hablador CMS 2.5 is written in Java, featuring an XML-based templating language and an HTTP API. It supports JDBC-compliant databases, including SQL server and Oracle 8i, and support templates written in plain text, HTML, JSP, ASP, WML and all other markup languages. The system supports both static and dynamic publishing and includes user-configurable workflow and security systems. www.hablador.com