Digital Goods announced a business partnership with Groove Networks to develop an entirely new, more affordable and efficient way for content providers to create and widely distribute storefronts for secure sale of their digital products. The initial promise of the Digital Goods-Groove applications or “tools” is subscription-based sales of digital content for the business marketplace, such as financial and investment research, corporate intelligence and other time-sensitive products, as well as business training and education materials. Under the agreement, Digital Goods is adapting its content management technology and Amplifi marketing and eCommerce tools to work in concert with the distributed computing platform developed by Groove Networks, enabling secure one-to-many and peer-to-peer commercial distribution and management of digital content. Using the Digital Goods applications, content providers will be able to distribute storefronts or subscription modules through one or many Groove “shared spaces,” which enable businesses or individual consumers to synchronize and store content locally on their desktops. The financial model for the Groove-powered Digital Goods content distribution system is still under development, with both turnkey licensing and Digital Goods-managed design, administration and sales/marketing options likely to be offered.,